2009 Leatherman's Loop - April 26th, 2009

2009 Loop Waiting list signup

Please fill in the form below if you want to be included in the 2009 waiting list. Names are added in the order we receive them.

We will let you know closer to the Loop date if any spots free up.

(some folks are reporting slow response - you should get a brief "Thank You" note appearing then disappearing.)

The course and park have a natural limit to the number of entrants. Over the past few years we have found this to be around 900 runners. The race registration opened February 3rd at 12:01 EST. It closed less than 24 hours later due to overwhelming response.

We are awed at the power of the loop and we are very sorry that some folks are going to miss it this year. If you missed this year and would like to be on the email list for next year, submit your name here to join the waiting list / 2010 notification list. Closer to the loop we occasionally get cancellations and we will open up a spot to the next person on the waiting list.

If you have any other questions, let us know.